Fuuvi channels Lego with nanoblock camera

We give you a peek at a camera from the adorable side of consumer electronics.

Customize the nanoblock camera to your liking. Fuuvi

Meet the nanoblock camera, one of the smallest shooters ever shown on Crave.

Japanese company Fuuvi yesterday debuted the tiny toy camera with a shell made of nanoblocks -- a smaller alternative to the traditional Lego brick. However, connoisseurs of quality might bite their lip as the ultrasimple controls and lack of viewfinder make this device a not-so-serious option for picture taking. The measly 2-megapixel resolution doesn't help matters much either.

Despite a few disappointing innards, the funky camera packs some eye-catching style and comes in colors such as blue, yellow, red, white, and black. Nanoblock camera owners can customize the 4,368 yen ($54) device with additional blocks to simulate the look of a DSLR, or perhaps something a little more amusing to a child, such as an animal's face.

The tiny toy also shoots video (720x480, 30fps), uses MicroSD storage, and incorporates a built-in USB connector to charge its lithium-ion battery. Any guesses on how long it will take to see a nanoblock camera at Urban Outfitters or ThinkGeek?

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