Futuristic pool table doubles as giant, orange boom box

This pool table also features a built-in MP3 player.

Purple ball, corner pocket. BornRich

Two sources of entertainment are always better than one, which is why we love this futuristic pool table slash MP3 player by the folks at Newwave Design.

The white surfaces and orange cloth combined with the brushed silver legs add to the modern aesthetic, which to me looks more like an orange Creamsicle, but that might just be because it's almost summertime. The universal media player underneath routes directly to two speakers on either side of the table and features controls for volume and light effects. That's right, several hidden LEDs help illuminate your game in dimly lit rooms!

There's a "sound effects" knob as well, but the Web site has no word on what it does. Wouldn't it be cool/slightly irritating if an audience applause goes off every time you sink a ball? The Lunar pool table includes a full set of balls and two 48-inch cues for a very affordable $745. More images after the break.


(Source: BornRich via Debut)

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