Future kitchen harnesses power of the elements

Beautifully design kitchen impresses audiences and sports some of the best high-tech features

This kitchen pulls off the "all-white" look without looking like a hospital. Luxist

I'm not sure about you, but this concept Z Island by DuPont Corian has me saying "oh la la!"

Like many of the newer concept kitchens, this beauty is the brainchild of a partnership between a creative brain and an established and trusted kitchenware brand: in this case, Zaha Hadid, Corian, and Ernestomeda. The DuPont Corian Z Island wowed audiences at Milan Design Week, again establishing Hadid as worthy of her Pritzker Architecture Prize (she was the first woman to receive the award in 2004.)

The set is split into two island units, one representing fire and the other representing water. It also includes a "modular wall cabinet," whose doors look like something straight out of a Hollywood space action flick. The wall covering also apparently can diffuse sound and light, sporting LEDs that can be changed to adjust the mood while you're in the kitchen.

The main island has a touch-control picture (seen in the picture), and it can be shifted between vertical and horizontal positions: this means that is can be used either for cooking and eating or as an LCD TV screen and iPod station.

Not enough for you? The kitchen also has a sound diffusion system, letting you program your kitchen to release scents all day. I'd say you could achieve the same effect by cooking several pots of coffee, baking a loaf of bread, and cooking garlic and onions. But maybe that's just me. Click here to view more photos of the Z Island.

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