Fujitsu announces low-cost LifeBook V1010

The lastest addition to Fujitsu's LifeBook lineup costs just $800.


Not one to be topped by Sony, whose VAIO NR160 lowered the price threshold for owning a Sony laptop to $829, Fujitsu has announced a budget-friendly addition to its LifeBook line. The LifeBook V1010, which starts at $799, combines a 15.4-inch display, 120 GB hard drive, built-in DVD burner, and spill-resistant keyboard in a hefty 6.2-pound package. So far so good, though the baseline configuration includes the super-budget Pentium dual-core processor, which occupies the bottom rung of Intel's dual-core options. The $799 price also only includes 1GB of RAM, so it's a good thing that Fujitsu is offering Windows XP as an option for the OS.

We doubt that a pokey processor or small amount of RAM will deter the laptop's target audience of home office workers and students who just want a cheap laptop to surf the Web and pound out documents. But for those who insist on a higher-end configuration, Fujitsu does offer a Core 2 Duo processor with 2GB of RAM for just $899. Now that's got our attention.

The LifeBook V1010 is available for order immediately, though Fujitsu's Web site doesn't list an estimated ship date.

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