Fujifilm's fresh new FinePix

Fujifilm just unveiled the FinePix Z100fd, a compact, style-minded 8-megapixel camera.

Fujifilm FinePix Z100fd

Just a few days before CES, Fujifilm has announced its newest digital camera. The 8-megapixel FinePix Z100fd replaces last year's FinePix Z5fd with a stylish design and several useful features.

Besides its colorful shell, the Z100fd's lens and stabilization system stand out as its most prominent features. The 36 to 180mm-equivalent 5x lens lets users get up a bit closer than typical 3x lenses, and sensor-shifting image stabilization helps reduce shake, particularly useful when employing the camera's full zoom. Its 2.7-inch LCD screen offers a larger-than-usual display when framing and reviewing shots. In-camera file management can sort photos into six different folders when shooting, and face-detecting autofocus and autoexposure finds up to 10 faces at once and adjust settings accordingly. Finally, the camera includes a dual-media memory card slot that accepts both xD and SD cards. If you're replacing a FinePix camera, you can use your old Fujifilm and Olympus xD cards, while the SD card lets you use the much more common SD memory card.

The Fujifilm FinePix Z100fd ships later this month with a suggested retail price of $250. It will come in pink, satin, brown, and black versions.

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