Fuel cell car cavalcade

CNET Car Tech shows photos and descriptions of the current generation of hydrogen fuel cell cars.

The Mercedes-Benz F-Cell is one example of fuel cell cars being road tested.
The Mercedes-Benz F-Cell is one example of fuel cell cars being road tested. CNET Networks

Your vision of a car of the future may include flight, but these pictures of hydrogen fuel cell cars show that they look as mundane as anything on the road. The Honda FCX stands out, but only in the way the Toyota Prius stood out when it was first introduced. And many of these cars are operating among us, driving in traffic and down the same roads we drive every day. Automakers have put their fuel cell cars in real-world testing, which means they can work like gasoline cars.

At CNET Car Tech, we've driven most of the cars pictured. With electric motors driving the wheels, acceleration is strong and smooth. Some make strange sounds from compressors pumping hydrogen to the fuel cell, but other than that they are very quiet. The only thing keeping these cars from dealer lots is a bit more development and a hydrogen refilling infrastructure. OK, that last point is a rather large hurdle, but you may want to get in early and open up a quaint little hydrogen filling station on the corner.

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