Froyo update hits Motorola Droid

Though the update is coming later than expected, the original Droid gets Froyo on the same day the Droid 2 becomes available.

Hello, Froyo. Droid Life

As expected, Verizon's Motorola Droid is finally receiving its Android 2.2 "Froyo" update. Though the smartphone is approaching its year anniversary, it's still a very capable phone that deserves to be placed on the short, privileged list of devices. According to Droid Life, the update will run from now until August 18, adding speed and stability improvements as well as new enhancements and "tons of shortcuts" to the phone.

One thing this update will not be providing is the tethering and Wi-Fi hot spot option. According to a Verizon representative, the phone does not offer the hardware necessary to take advantage of the either feature. For tethering, however, you can root your Droid or use a third-party app.

For more details on the features and additions found in the update, be sure to visit Verizon's site.

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