From the floor--ShowStoppers NYC

A wrap-up of what we saw at ShowStoppers

ShowStoppers is billed as "Hot products. Cool Companies." This show was in NYC this week, playing off the buzz of DigitalLife and showcasing some neat products.

The good thing about shows like these is that you get to see a lot of stuff all at once. Plus, you get the meet the people behind the e-mails that you've been getting all year long. There are even a few people who thank you for featuring their product in The Queue.

magicJack is one of them. I can't remember how I originally heard about this, but I think it's really cool. It's a little device you plug into a USB port that instantly makes a phone jack. Then you plug in a phone and you have a dial tone. For $20 a year, you get unlimited calling in the US and Canada. Pretty cool stuff, and it's so easy, I would even recommend it to my parents. The guys behind the device are the same people who started and AOL Long Distance, which gave a lot of people cheap phone calls when people still paid big bucks for the privilege of connecting over the miles.

There are a few other cool gadgets and surprises as well. Enjoy the video.

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Rich DeMuro is a tech enthusiast who has been tinkering with gadgets since the days of CompuServe and 386 computers. He hosts a syndicated Tech Report for local TV news stations nationwide and lives in Los Angeles. These days he's all about mobile devices and doing his best to limit his 3-year-old son's iPad time.


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