From hybrid cars to hybrid production trailers

King Kong Production Trailers is making a trailer that runs on solar power and biodiesel, and offers eco-friendly interior options--just the thing if you're a hybrid-vehicle-driving movie star.

Recycled glass countertops in the Helios trailer King Kong Production Trailers

Leonardo DiCaprio is reported to be getting the first Fisker Karma, a luxury plug-in hybrid sports car. He can now get a hybrid trailer to match on his next film project.

King Kong Production Trailers (KKPT) announced today that it's making what it believes is the world's first solar hybrid production trailer.

During an on-location test, the Helios with solar panels on its roof ran for 14 hours solely on its solar generator, according to KKPT. King Kong Production Trailers

The Helios will include solar panels, and both a solar generator and a biodiesel generator for on-site use.

The interior will also sport some sustainable touches with bamboo cabinetry, recycled rubber flooring, recycled glass countertops, and Forest Stewardship Council certified lumber.

Bamboo finishes and recycled rubber flooring inside KKPT's new biodiesel hybrid model, the Helios King Kong Production Trailers

What might be the most interesting feature to anyone who's had to work near a trailer is that it may also cut down on noise pollution.

During a pilot test of a Helios on location, the trailer was able to run for 14 hours straight on its solar generator without having to use the biodiesel generator. It saved an estimated 28 gallons of fuel, according to KKPT.

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