Friday roundup: Dirt-cheap Netbooks, MP3s, 802.11n, Peggle

Get an Asus Eee PC for the lowest price ever, a Draft-N router and notebook adapter for 40 bucks, Peggle for iPhone for less than a buck, and an endless supply of free media.

Peggle for iPhone: now just 99 cents.

I couldn't pick just one deal today, so here are five to jump-start your weekend:

Much as I'm loving the iPhone version of Peggle , I think it's a little pricey at $4.99. Good news: Right now it's on sale for just 99 cents [iTunes link]. No-brainer. Buy it. Thanks to reader Harold for the tip!

I'm not loving Amazon MP3's current selection of $5 albums, but there's one standout: Holst's The Planets, one of my all-time classical favorites. ("Mars" gets all the attention, but "Jupiter" is really the crown jewel of the collection.)

Ready for a home-network upgrade? Newegg has a D-Link DIR-615 Draft-N Wi-Fi router and DWA-642 Notebook Adapter for $39.99 shipped. Needless to say, that's cheaper than most 802.11n routers alone.

Get a new netbook for just $150 shipped!

I can't say I'd recommend a Netbook with a 7-inch screen, but check out this deal anyway: ZipZoomfly has an Asus Eee PC 701SD with Linux and an 8GB SSD for $149.99 shipped. And it's new, not a refurb!

Want to stock up on cheap entertainment for the weekend? Head to your local library. Every time I come home with an armload of free books for the kids, free audiobooks for me, and free DVDs for all, I have to pinch myself. Thank you, Andrew Carnegie!


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