Friday Poll: Worst tech-related punishment?

This week, a judge ordered a teen charged with burglary to surrender his beloved Xbox to show what it felt like to have something of value taken away. So what would hit you the hardest?

Xbox 360
Going without an Xbox is serious punishment for one Irish teen. Microsoft

This week, we told you about a teen who got his Xbox taken away. Hardly an unusual occurrence, to be sure. Only it wasn't a parent or teacher who made this 13-year-old surrender his gaming console.

It was a judge who wanted to teach the youngster a lesson about what it felt like to have something of value taken away.

The Irish teen, you see, is being charged with a series of burglaries. When the judge asked him which of his possessions meant the most to him, he cited his Xbox. Thus, the unusual and very modern-day punishment.

The story got us wondering. Which gadget would you miss most if forced to give it up by a judge/teacher/parent/sister/brother/significant other/superhero?

More importantly, perhaps, given that today's gadgets enable everything--calling, texting, playing games, networking, streaming movies, searching, GPS navigating, and just about anything else you could think of--which tech-related activity would you feel most lost without? Vote in our poll and be sure to add your thoughts in the comments.

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