Friday Poll: Which tech product is Joe Biden?

Vote in our Friday Poll: If Senator Joe Biden were a tech product, which would he be: Wikipedia, an iPhone screen protector, a copy machine, or an Energizer bunny? Poll

Judging Joe
If Joe Biden were a tech product what would he be?

Wikipedia (lots of info, not always right)
iPhone screen protector
Copy machine
Energizer bunny (just keeps going and going)

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According to you, readers, Barack Obama's an iPhone , while John McCain is a phonograph , and Sarah Palin is a Hello Kitty assault rifle .

Now, in the final installment of our presidential-race-related Friday Poll, our thoughts turn to Delaware Sen. Joe Biden, Obama's running mate. With so much attention on the other three candidates, it was a little hard to come up with our choices. Luckily, Biden's been around a long time, which gave us some good material to work with.

If none of our poll options quite hit the spot, be sure to suggest your own in our Talkback section below.

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