Friday Poll: Which shade of green are you?

This being the week of Earth Day, we're hearing quite a bit about green tech--and green practices. How much do you go out of your way to live green?

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Shades of green
Just how green are you these days?

Always: I bike everywhere and personally recycle every transistor in my old iPods
Usually: I own a Prius and check green ratings for most gadgets
Sometimes: I try to unplug chargers and compost egg shells
Rarely: My garbage bin is mostly PBR cans
Never: I turned my toxic CRT TV into a kitten killer
I don't know; ask me again when I have kids

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shades of green
Matt Hickey/CNET

This being the week of Earth Day , we're hearing quite a bit about green tech--and green practices.

This week, we talked about new electric cars , green cell phones, a Denver bike-sharing program , and which TVs use the most juice. Eco-friendly tech is now something you drive, something that entertains you, and something that fits into your pocket, and more and more people are taking sustainability and energy efficiency into consideration when making big purchases.

But how much does the average person go out of his or her way to live an eco-conscious life? Sure, you try to recycle cans and reuse plastic bags, but what about your mode of transportation? And that cell phone? Being recyclable is only useful if the user recycles the thing.

We'd like to know how you, the reader, feels. Just how green are you these days? Elaborate about your own eco practices (or lack thereof) in the comments section below.

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