Friday Poll: Which retailer should Systemax rescue next?

The computer vendor is bringing CompUSA back to life, and now it looks like it might be doing the same for Circuit City. But why stop there, Systemax?

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Saved by Systemax
Which retail franchise should the computer vendor rescue next?

KB Toys: computer nerds also like G.I. Joe
Future Shop: 20-year-olds working for commission? Sure!
Mervyns: where else would we buy our Unix sandals?
The Bon Marche: there were girls there sometimes
Sharper Image: nobody flies enough to just use SkyMall
Incredible Universe: everyone needs $5,400 computer packages

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Hey Mervyns, help us get some of these on the cheap?

Computer vendor Systemax is bringing CompUSA back to life , and now it looks like it might be doing the same for Circuit City. The company bought the intellectual property and domain name this week.

The two might rise as separate chains, but we wouldn't be surprised if they end up as some sort of mashup, a Frankenstein-like monster of retailers.

But why stop there? We can think of a few more franchises Systemax could add to its unholy abomination of shops to round out its offerings to customers. What should it be? Vote in our poll. And if we missed anything, be sure to let us know in the TalkBack section.

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