Friday Poll: What would get you to buy a T-Mobile G1?

Vote in our weekly poll: What would get you to plunk down for for the first Google Android phone? Poll

Android aspirations
What would get you to buy a T-Mobile G1?

It's the first Android phone!
I want a phone I can tinker with on my own.
It's not an iPhone.
Charles Barkley is so getting one.
Don't bother me, I'm playing with my iPhone/BlackBerry.

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T-Mobile G1
Sarah Tew/CNET Networks

Unless you've been living in a cave (and as comedian Jon Stewart recently pointed out, that might be the safest real estate investment around these days), you probably noticed that a little phone called the T-Mobile G1 made its debut this week.

Now that you've had a chance to glimpse the first phone powered by Google's Android software, would you plunk down for a G1? And if so, what would be the main factor motivating you to become a G1 owner?

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