Friday Poll: What is your most-wanted Android Key Lime Pie feature?

It's never too early to speculate about the next version of the Android operating system. Which rumored feature are you most eager to see?

Key Lime Pie illustration
Key Lime Pie could be the name of the next Android OS.

Keys to Key Lime Pie

What is your most-wanted Android Key Lime Pie feature?

There isn't much we can say for certain about the next version of Android. We know that Google engineers are working on it, but that's about the extent of our definite knowledge. Rumors suggest it will be called "Key Lime Pie." It may also come out later this spring. As usual, take all those rumors with a few tasty grains of salt.

While we can't magically read the minds of Google's programmers, we do know they're likely very busy implementing some new features to make the new OS a cut above its predecessor, Jelly Bean. Let's imagine you're able to pin down a Key Lime Pie Googler and offer up a few suggestions. What features are you aching to see in the OS?

Some people might wish for practical features borrowed from other operating systems. BlackBerry 10's ability to create separate work and personal profiles and move easily between them could be a nice addition to Android. Lots of parents hand their phones off to their young ones to let them play games. Those Android users would welcome a kid's mode that would lock out things like e-mail or certain Web sites.

One feature that Samsung has teased users with, but that would make a lot of sense in Android at large, is the ability to have multiple apps open and running at the same time. This could come true across the platform with the implementation of a multiple-windows feature or a split-screen option. It certainly makes sense for all those honking-huge smartphone screens we're getting.

One more feature that would serve a very practical purpose would be a backup solution, like iCloud. Just in case Google engineers are listening, what feature would you most like to see in Key Lime Pie? Vote in our poll and chat it up in the comments.


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