Friday Poll: What else should Google Cr-48 have?

We know the search giant's Chrome OS laptop is less than a week old, but from what you've seen and read of it so far, what would it need to look like to capture your interest?

Chrome laptop wishes

What would get you excited about Google's Chrome OS laptop?


This week, Google demoed a Chrome OS laptop, the Cr-48 (or Chromebook, as some are calling it). At the moment, it's a generic-looking black box meant for testing and development and not a product you'll be seeing on Best Buy shelves.

But that doesn't mean it won't make it onto your desk or into your backpack one day, and gadgeteers are already putting the 12.1-inch, Atom-powered prototype through its paces and sharing early impressions of its hardware and software.

CNET's Seth Rosenblatt, for example, calls the Cr-48 a major step forward for cloud computing, but notes that it's far from perfect, while Larry Dignan of ZDNet dubs it a true network computer , but predicts that that may be jarring for some people.

We know the Cr-48 is a nascent device at less than a week old, but from what you've seen and read of it so far, what else would it need to have to capture your interest? Vote in our poll, and be sure to add your comments in the Talkback section below.

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