Friday Poll: What do you think of Microsoft's new logo?

Microsoft's corporate logo just got a makeover. Are you looking forward to seeing it splashed everywhere, or is the redesign not to your liking?

new Microsoft logo
Why, Microsoft, you look different today. Did you change your hair? Microsoft

I had to really think about what the old Microsoft logo looked like. I ruminated. I racked my brain. Then I googled it. Ah, I thought to myself, I can see why they changed it.

Microsoft has traded in the old text-only logo for a new set of duds. Something with a little splash of color. A little pizzazz, but not too much pizzazz.

This is the first logo change for Microsoft since 1987. The new design plays off the Windows concept with four colored squares. It all looks very... squared away. The new font is also just a touch on the gray side, somewhat reminiscent of the color palette of Microsoft's very first logo from the late 1970s.

While's Apple's corporate logo has become drained of color over time, Microsoft's logo has finally gotten some visual splash. According to the Official Microsoft Blog, "the symbol's squares of color are intended to express the company's diverse portfolio of products."

Let's pretend we're judges on "Project Runway" and Microsoft's new logo has just sauntered down the catwalk, spun around, and dared us to critique it. Do you like Microsoft's new logo? Vote in our poll and share your opinions in the comments.

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