Friday Poll: What are your set-top plans?

With reviews for the new Apple TV coming out and an increasing amount of other choices for Internet TV emerging, what, if any, are your set-top plans?

Apple TV (Fall 2010)
Sarah Tew/CNET

We made the case this week for holding off on buying the new and improved (and shrunken) Apple TV . We highlighted a few other boxes , notably those made by Roku , that might be better Internet TV choices, but also pointed out that the other devices sport features that Apple TV might eventually get.

That said, some consumers aren't going to be ditching their cable or satellite TV anytime soon, and for them the question is irrelevant.

For the others, the set-top market is going to be fractured and confusing, much like the burgeoning tablet market. And, well, that's why CNET is around.

But we like to get feedback from you, the readers. So we ask: Do you have set-top plans? If so, what are they?

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