Friday Poll: Thanksgiving in tech land

With the holiday nearly here, which development in the tech world is making you feel most grateful? Vote in our weekly poll. Poll

Thanks a bunch
Which recent tech development are you most grateful for?

iPhone 2.2 update
Latest WoW expansion, noob!
Jerry Yang stepping down
Potential for a "Pleistocene Park"

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With Thanksgiving nearly upon us, we at Crave this week offered a look at some of the gadgets we're feeling most grateful for these days--and you, readers, had lots of great suggestions of your own. But we wouldn't want to limit our geek gratitude to consumer electronics, now would we? Broadening the scope of your thankfulness, which recent tech development will get a nod of appreciation from you as you prepare to gather with family and friends for the holiday festivities?

As always, if we missed anything, be sure to let us know in the Talkback section.


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