Friday Poll: Is the mouse, indeed, dead?

Some say Apple's new Magic Trackpad heralds a mouse-free future. Are mice a dying breed or will they take their place alongside multitouch and gesture?

RIP mice?
Matt Hickey/CNET

Apple's new Magic Trackpad is a clear sign the company is serious about multitouch and gesture as the future of personal-computer navigation. And it might be right.

Almost all modern smartphones incorporate a series of swipes and taps as their interface. MacBook users have been using multitouch on their trackpads for a few years, and the Magic Trackpad is clearly an extension of that experience.

But a lot of people are making noise that the Magic Trackpad--and it's sure-to-follow imitators--heralds a mouse-free future. This being the Internet, there's an opposing camp calling them all idiots.

So we want to put it to our Crave readers for a head count. What's the future of input? Mice? Multitouch? A combination? Neither? Vote in our poll, and be sure to share your additional thoughts in the TalkBack section below.

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