Friday Poll: From Netflix to you, but how?

With Netflix distribution methods seemingly expanding by the day, we want to how you prefer to get your flicks. Vote in our poll. Poll

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Watching Netflix offerings via DVDs delivered by mail is fast becoming very 2007.

This week brought word that the Xbox 360 will become the first device to allow Netflix streaming in HD when the new Xbox Live experience launches on November 19.

And TiVo's high-definition set-top boxes for digital video recording will by the end of the year be able to stream more than 12,000 movies and TV shows from the video rental site.

What's more, Netflix announced that it will use Microsoft's Silverlight software to deliver streaming movies not only to PCs, but to Intel-based Macs as well.

With Netflix distribution methods seemingly expanding by the day, we want to know how you prefer to get your Netflix flicks. Vote in our poll. And are there other devices you wish you could use to view your Netflix picks? Let us know in our Talkback section below.

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