Friday Poll: Are you ready for the coming of streaming TV?

When, if at all, do you plan to cut the cord on your cable provider with choices for watching on-demand video content on the rise?

There's a new Apple TV around the corner and we're fielding rumors that a Google TV device will be launching at the end of the month. Both devices--as well as boxes by companies like Boxee and Roku--share the same goal: they want you to ditch your cable or satellite TV provider as well as DVDs and Blu-ray.

Apple TV and remote CNET

Many people actually have done so already--yours truly included. But there are others, like my parents, who find the idea too hard to wrap their head around. They want the content pushed to them by the providers and they're OK with being told when they can watch their shows; I can't even get them to upgrade to a DVR.

And I'm not sure they ever will change. But the day will come when on-demand TV and movies are more common than the traditional way of watching video at home.

But the question is, when? We thought we'd poll you, the Crave readers, to find out. When, if at all, are you planning on ditching cable or satellite for an all on-demand world via the wonders of the Internet?

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