FreePPP 2.6.2b1; Font Box 2.2/2.3; Newer MAXpowr PRO 1.2: Beware of using them

FreePPP 2.6.2b1; Font Box 2.2/2.3; Newer MAXpowr PRO 1.2: Beware of using them

FreePPP 2.6.2b1 Last time, we reported the release of FreePPP 2.6.2b1. It turns out that it had some fairly serious problems, especially one resulting in frequent disconnects while online. Steve Dagley writes that there will be a 2.6.2b2 fix coming soon that will remedy this problem. In the meantime, he suggests sticking with 2.6.1b6 or earlier. The 2.6.2 version was removed from the ftp site.

Font Box 2.2/2.3 Last time, we announced the release of Font Box 2.2. Two readers (Miguel Llamas and Steven Rodoletz) wrote to say that they were having problems with it. Essentially, it would not properly fix the fonts it was attempting to fix and might even result in trashing the fonts in your Fonts folder. Insider Software informally released a 2.3 version to address these issues, but it too had reported problems. In particular, some users of 68040 Macs are reporting crashes that Insider could not duplicate. For now, they recommend that users not upgrade beyond version 2.1 until these issues are resolved. I have removed 2.2 from the Download Library.

Newer's MAXpowr PRO & PRO Installer v1.2 has been temporarily removed." Newer writes: "We have discovered a bug with the new control panel (v1.2) and System 7.6.x. We have temporarily removed the Control Panel until the bug is corrected. Please watch this page for the re-release in a few days."


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