FreePPP 2.6.2 Beta 5 MDEV released; contains a "known bug"

FreePPP 2.6.2 Beta 5 MDEV released; contains a "known bug"

From Steve Dagley: "The FreePPP 2.6.2 Beta 5 MDEV is now available. There is a known bug in this version, as well as all previous versions after 2.6, of the FreePPP MDEV that will cause a crash when re-configuring Open Transport on 68K machines. I have a possible workaround from Apple's Developer Tech Support group and once I have a chance to incorporate the change and test it I will declare FreePPP 2.6.2 finished and release a non-expiring version. The prefs import/export feature of FreePPP Setup will be deferred to a later version who's release date will be determined by how much free time I find to work on it (i.e. who knows). This MDEV has the same functionality as 2.6.2b3/2.6.2b4 but doesn't announce it has expired until 1/30/98. It does not contain a complete distribution of the other FreePPP 2.6.2 Beta components. These can be obtained as part of FreePPP 2.6.2b3.


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