Free crapware removal from

The tech support firm says it will remove trialware at no cost, but must get remote access to your PC.

If you get a new PC for a holiday gift this year, it's almost guaranteed it'll come filled to the brim with trialware. Knowing this, says it's got another present for you: free removal of the unwanted pre-loaded software.

The desktop of a brand-new PC and the crapware included. Ern

The online tech support service has just begun offering the service for free. It works like this: Go to, or call them at 1-800-PC-Support. A customer service representative (from North America, they promise!) will remotely access your PC and blast away at the bloatware.

You can watch as they do it, says.

While crapware is still prevalent, many PC makers have begun allowing consumers to pay more to exclude it on a newly shipped PC.

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