Franks, just like the pros make them

Hot dog rotisserie by Giles & Posner lets you make professional style hot dogs at home


If you're not the type to invest in a gas or charcoal grill, thankfully there are gadgets that still help you make professional-style hot dogs.

Take this Hot Dog Rotisserie by Giles & Posner: it cooks your hot dogs and toasts your hot dog buns at the same time. Three nonstick rollers roll your frankfurters to perfection, using the same method that's used at corner stores, movie theaters, and football games. And your bread or hot dog buns are toasted at the same time in the specially designed bun warmer on the side, so in a few minutes you can make one hot dog for you and a friend (or two for yourself, if you're hungry).

The unit also comes with a 30-minute timer and drip tray, so if any fat comes out of your hot dog while it cooks, it drains away instead of ending up on your bun. The Hot Dog Rotisserie can make up to four dogs at once in only a few minutes, so you can feed yourself and your friends at your next barbecue without worrying about missing the festivities.

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