Foursquare's new app forgoes check-ins

The social app will always scan location to push alerts, Twitter changes the timeline with a blue line, and Giphy strives to play GIFs on Facebook.

CNET Update follows the blue line:


In this episode of Update:

- Prepare for the day when you never need to open the Foursquare app to get push alerts and tips about your location.

- Follow conversations on Twitter with the new blue line (which has some users seeing red .)

- Quickly flag abuse on Twitter with the updated report button .

- Video chat with friends in 720p HD on Google Hangouts .

- Set up the Chromecast streaming stick with an iOS app , not just from the Web or Android app.

- Update the Flickr iOS app for new filters and free editing features .

- Get one step closer to posting animated GIFs on Facebook with Giphy's new embed code .


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