Formula E electric-car race adds Los Angeles venue

Los Angeles welcomed the new Formula E series, which kicks off next year, becoming the eighth city to sign on to the electric-car race.

Formula E
A Formula E driver shows off an all-electric race car similar to what will compete in the series. Formula E Holdings

Los Angeles, once known for its smog, has signed on with the all-new Formula E racing organization to host one of the worldwide series of 10 electric-car races, kicking off next year.

Los Angeles joins Miami; London; Rome; Beijing; Rio de Janeiro; Putrajaya, Malaysia; and Buenos Aires, Argentina, in hosting races in the series. Two more cities in the series have yet to be announced.

The Formula E organization demonstrated one of its electric race cars in Los Angeles on Monday.

Although Formula E intends the series to be open to competitive build teams, the organization has contracted Spark Racing Technology to provide an initial 42 electric race cars for its 10 announced teams. Each team will use four of the cars.

Formula E will release specifications for independent builders to enter their own cars.

The races, which will certainly be quieter than other FIA races, will last about an hour each, and the cars are expected to hit speeds of 140 mph. Formula E and Los Angeles are currently considering courses, which will run on city streets.

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