Ford to demonstrate MyFord Mobile app for the Focus Electric at CES 2012

Ford will host live demonstrations of the new MyFord Mobile app for the Focus Electric at CES 2012, Jan. 10 through 13.

Ford is combining its new Focus Electric, social networking, and hypermiling trends with the MyFord Mobile. Ford

Ford will demonstrate beta versions of the MyFord Mobile app for the Focus Electric at CES 2012, Jan. 10 through 13, in Las Vegas.

The new app will use MapQuest to identify the best EV charge points, and plan the most efficient routes. The app also incorporates social sharing components, such as updates to Facebook and Twitter, to the driving experience, Ford said.

Focus Electric drivers can compete against each other and earn achievements based on how far they drive and how much CO2 they save by not using gas. Leaderboards will help MyFord Mobile users track their driving results against other Focus Electric drivers.

"The MyFord Mobile app and the Focus Electric work together to coach drivers to be more efficient and maximize the benefits of the electric vehicle experience," said Kelly Zechel, MyFord Mobile product manager, in a press release. "We wanted to help drivers get more miles out of every charge and have some fun along the way."

"Driving the Focus Electric will be a fun experience; with MyFord Mobile, the enjoyment continues after the vehicle is parked and charging," said Bill Frykman, business and product development manager, in a press release. "We are offering a new way of sharing your driving experiences to create a cool factor with the goal of educating new Focus Electric drivers on the perks that come with an electric vehicle lifestyle."

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