Ford Edge Ecoboost a harbinger of the new efficiency

CNET tests the 2012 Ford Edge with its Ecoboost engine. With only 2 liters of displacement, this engine produces more than adequate horsepower while getting excellent mileage.

2012 Ford Edge
Josh Miller/CNET

With the 2012 Ford Edge, the Ecoboost engine is like having your cake and ice cream, too.

The Edge is a tank of a car, big and chunky, weighing close to 4,000 pounds. The Ecoboost engine only has four cylinders, with displacement at 2 liters. That's the size of a soda bottle.

Yet with a turbocharger and direct injection, that engine makes 240 horsepower, enough to move the Edge easily. At the same time, our fuel economy averaged in the mid-20s, which is about 5 mpg better than we would expect to get in the V-6 Edge.

The combination works well.

Ford fits the Edge out with good cabin-tech features, as well. Sync remains one of the best ways to integrate phones and MP3 players with a car. Its voice command is excellent. MyFord Touch, included in this car, has its pros and cons. The trouble spot is the touch-screen interface, but Ford has shown a fix for that part of the car, which can be applied retroactively.

Read our full review of the 2012 Ford Edge Ecoboost.

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