Ford dealers going green

Ford has partnered with think tank Rocky Mountain Institute at three dealerships in diverse climates to improve sustainability efforts.

It's not just Ford's cars and trucks that are going green; its dealerships are as well.

Ford announced a partnership with Rocky Mountain Institute, an energy-efficiency think tank for increased sustainability, on Sunday at the 2010 National Automobile Dealers Association Convention.

Part of the 'Go Green' Dealership Sustainability Program is to help dealers implement cost-effective ways to improve the energy-efficiency of their facilities.

Although the announcement did not give any examples of ways dealers can become more sustainable, it did reveal that dealers participating in the program will get a comprehensive energy assessment from sustainability experts at Ford. Afterward, Ford and the dealer will design a unique program to meet the needs of the dealer. According to Ford, its solutions are wide-ranging and can be implemented for dealers with existing facilities as well as dealers who are constructing new facilities.

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