For Twitter's IPO, first comes the #Ring

Like every other milestone in its history, Twitter's rebirth this morning as a publicly traded company has been thoroughly documented on its own platform.

As 7-year-old Twitter goes public with an offering on the New York Stock Exchange, some of the big day's most singular moments will -- most appropriately -- be recorded for posterity on Twitter itself.

The company's founders, though present on the trading room floor Thursday morning, left the actual bell-ringing moment to some of its most inspiring users: actor Patrick Stewart, 9-year-old entrepreneur Vivienne Harr, and Cheryl Fiandaca of the Boston Police Department. Back in San Francisco, Twitter's employees gathered for the 6:30 a.m. PT occasion at the company's headquarters, which was also documented on Twitter, of course.

On Wednesday, Twitter had set its IPO price at $26 per share. But in a burst of investor enthusiasm at 7:50 a.m PT Thursday, TWTR shares opened at $45.10.

What follows are just a sampling of the string of tweets before, during, and after the #ring tweeted 'round the world. Some of the tweeters include Stewart, Vine co-founder Rus Yusupov, Twitter comm guy Will Stickney, the NYSE Event Specialist Steve Aikens, Twitter chairman Jack Dorsey, and several other Twitter staffers.

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