For hire at the 'Times': Erudite engineers

Pulitzer Prize winner Thomas Friedman makes plea to MIT engineers to go work for The New York Times. But they have to read three newspapers a day.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--The New York Times is looking for a few well-read engineers to join its ranks.

Thomas Friedman, Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times columnist and author of the best seller The World Is Flat, made the pitch while giving the keynote speech at an anniversary celebration for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's OpenCourseWare program.

Candace Lombardi/CNET

"We are desperate at The New York Times for engineers. In fact, they asked me to mention it and make a pitch here," he said.

"For some reason, you people don't think we're cool. Come on. We're not Google, I know, but we're not that bad," Friedman said.

The Times columnist asked any interested students to approach him and give him their card. But there is just one catch: the leading newspaper is a bit choosy.

"Please don't come if you don't read The New York Times," he said. "Please don't come if you don't read at least three newspapers a day. We need people who can really imaginatively mash those things together."

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