For dapper nerds, a computer keyboard jacket

A jacket covered in computer keys, while very creative, is probably not optimal if you're standing in a crowded elevator or dancing close.

computer keyboard jacket
We suggest you take this off when dancing check-to-cheek. Piccsy

Warning: If you don't like strangers touching you, you may not want to wear this jacket covered in keyboard keys. Because you just know everyone who sees you in this keyboard on a hanger will want to get up in your business and pretend to type all over your nerdy self. Ctrl+Alt+Del, people!

We don't have much more information on this coat of many keys, which was originally spotted on photo-sharing site Piccsy. And that's a shame, because we can think of a few geeks who would look darn dashing pairing it with, say, a Twitter T-shirt or Nintendo sweater .

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