Food storage looks good in a vacuum with VacuVita

The VacuVita is a countertop vacuum food storage solution. The system also includes Coveros for fridge storage.

Available to order in a variety of colors, the VacuVita and Coveros system gives users the opportunity to mix and match.
Available to order in a variety of colors, the VacuVita and Coveros system gives you the opportunity to mix and match. VacuVita

Throwing away food is a bad habit to get into. Unfortunately, it is easy to do because having a fridge and pantry overflowing with food strikes our fancy right at home; a cornucopia of comfort right in our own kitchen can only be a good thing, right? Except, even cornucopias go bad and then nobody gets to enjoy the bounty. Luckily, ways have been devised to slow food spoilage and keep that food fresh for a while longer. And now at least one of those solutions looks good while doing it.

The VacuVita is a countertop vacuum storage solution that comes complete with special containers for the fridge the company has dubbed Coveros. The main unit lives on the countertop and features an attractive design that at first glance looks nothing like a vacuum unit. Additionally, the mix and match vacuum and storage containers add utility through ease of use and increased capabilities -- larger nonperishable items can be stored inside a large Covero as the main vacuum unit is incorporated directly in the lid.

Apparently, people agree: the VacuVita is a crowd-funded success and has raised over half a million dollars, no doubt in large part to its user-configurable design. (Some examples of colors: Taggiasca Olive Green, Dutch Royal Orange and Oval Room Blue.) Set to be released by the end of the year, the new vacuum sealer looks to alter the food-saving landscape and look good while doing it. And more importantly, the food will look good, too.

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