Food sanitizer for the home kitchen

It claims to use a commercial process for everyday consumers.

Creative Culinary Marketing Solutions

Between mad cows and agricultural imports from China, you don't have to be a germaphobe to be slightly paranoid about your food. And even though there are devices developed for such tasks as sensing bacteria in uncooked meat, we can't help but wonder how well these things work--and how much of a chance we're willing to take.

That's where the "CulinaryPrep" comes in, claiming not only to detect the bad stuff but also eradicate it from the food in question. Using something called the "Grovac Process," which the device's manufacturer says has been used commercially for several years, the CulinaryPrep purportedly removes up to 99.5 percent of bacteria on meat and produce, including such dangers as E. coli, salmonella and listeria. It's $400, but that's a drop in the slop bucket compared with what a stomach pump goes for these days.

Now if they'd only make one of these with a built-in talking grill thermometer, we'd never leave the barbecue.

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