Folding griddle is a friend to the countertop

The Nostalgia Electrics Folding Griddle combines convenience and versatility in one package. With the capability to fold up when not in use, the machine offers compact storage.

Fold and stow.
Fold and stow. Nostalgia Electrics

In a perfect world (or at least kitchen), all flat surfaces would be multitasking areas ready to be put to use for any manner of task. While countertops do offer the ability to be put to use for everything from a staging area to a prep work zone, they become severely limited when transformed into cooking areas via countertop appliances. In a not-so-delicious twist of irony, the most convenient and popular of these appliances feature usefulness that is inversely proportional to countertop versatility. In short, the better a countertop appliance is, the more apt it is to be left in the countertop, thereby reducing useable counter space. Unless the darn thing can fold up for easy storage, that is.

The Nostalgia Electrics Folding Griddle combines the convenience of a popular countertop appliance along with the capability for compact storage. Measuring 12.3 inches by 11.75 inches by 4 inches when folded, the unit stores away easily in even the most crowded of cupboards. In use, the machine provides practical results and features a pull-out drip tray along with two separately adjustable thermostats, while the two 10-inch-by-10-inch cooking areas offers plenty of room for cooking a variety of meals. Perhaps most importantly, the machine features a slim, lightweight design that truly makes it a countertop-friendly appliance--even when not on the countertop.

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    Brian is the author of the culinary based novel Stealing Food Road. A lifelong Californian, he has been consistently exposed to some of the best food in the world. With a deep appreciation for the kitchen, he is always on the lookout for that perfect appliance that combines style and grace with the ever-popular ability to save time.


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