Folding furniture: The kitchen island

Space saving kitchen island folds for easy storage.

Folding Kitchen Island. Plow & Hearth

There is one nook (cranny?) in my kitchen that I've always thought about putting a small kitchen island. The additional work space would surely be welcomed. Problem is, the other things that live there would have to be moved, and I'm not entirely sure if I would actually like a kitchen island in that spot. So, I hesitate and the spot stays as is. I don't want to make the commitment to a new piece of furniture that can only fit into one particular space; if it turns out I don't like it, then I'm stuck with it.

For those who may have similar indecision about their own kitchens, perhaps the Folding Kitchen Island is a solution. The additional work space created by the moveable island is a welcome sight for many a small kitchen. Having the option to fold and store away gives the island unlimited versatility. Storing much like a TV tray, the kitchen island has almost two feet square of real estate to use as a work space or additional countertop, while standing at three feet high.

There are additional features that might be attractive to small kitchen owners with a need for multitasking equipment. Built right into the island is storage shelf, with knife slots and a cutting board included along the side. The locking casters mean you can easily roll it out into any room --perfect for those of us who might not be sure exactly where the kitchen island goes best.

(Via The Kitchn)

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