Foaming washer for easy chores

The Samsung WF431 High Capacity Washer with PowerFoam Technology and Vibration Reduction Technology mixes detergent, water, and air together to create foam. Designed to reduce the burden of doing laundry, the washer has several time-saving operation modes.

The foam that allows you to roam.
The foam that allows you to roam. Samsung

Doing laundry is one of life's little chores that usually isn't much fun. However, since the benefits outweigh the negatives, we usually carry on and get the job done. While washing clothes is somewhat akin to watching paint dry, washing clothes well is at least a bit more exciting. When advanced features are combined with a large capacity drum, doing the laundry can be downright fun. (Well, not really, it is still laundry after all.)

The Samsung WF431 Washer might not win any awards for being the life of the party, but it will help you get to the party in style. The front-loading washer offers almost 4 cubic feet of volume and includes Samsung's PowerFoam technology that mixes detergent, water, and air together before it is introduced to the drum. Additionally, the washer features a steam cycle to help reduce the need for pretreating clothes before they go into the wash. The result is less time doing laundry without sacrificing results.

The freedom to escape from a tedious chore is nice and all, but it doesn't hurt to have a little extra help when it comes time to slow down and hang out with the wash. Featuring sensors that help to keep the load evenly balanced, the washer reduces vibration and the noise that usually accompanies it. Considering that the drum can be spinning up to 1,300 rpm, the reduced clatter from doing the chores is a welcome respite.

The Samsung WF431 High Capacity Washer with PowerFoam technology and Vibration Reduction technology is a new model for 2011 and is available with a matching Samsung DV431 dryer.

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