Flip cameras to get external pro-quality micorophone

Blue Microphones announces a professional mic designed especially for the Flip camera.

The Mikey for Flip from Blue Microphones.
The Mikey for Flip from Blue Microphones Blue Microphones

Blue Microphones announced today a mic designed especially for Flip's digital cameras, called the Mikey for Flip. The company says that this external microphone will add professional-quality sound to videos captured by these cameras.

The new mic is compatible with all Flip camcorders that feature the FlipPort accessory connector. The mic sports Blue Microphone's premium capsules for enhanced recording that's supposedly capable of capturing everything from a whisper to a rock concert. Users can choose between "Loud" and "Automatic" sensitivity settings.

Mikey for Flip also features a mic input jack to support additional microphones, such as a handheld or corded interview microphone. The Mikey even has a built-in tripod mount and a wide base that can keep the Flip in the upright position, in case users want to do some hands-free recording.

Mikey for Flip uses a AAA battery and automatically powers on when plugged into the Flip. The device will be available early next year and is slated to cost around $70, which is almost the price of the Flip camera itself.

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