Flickr's missing feature solved with SlideFlickr

Want a Flickr slide show on your blog or Facebook profile? Check out SlideFlickr.

Been looking for a way to get a Flickr slide show on your blog or Facebook profile? Check out SlideFlickr, a dead simple tool for pulling in albums or photo streams in an embeddable slide show. Just drop in a Flickr username, or a URL for a group, photo set, or tag, and hit a big pink button. SlideFlickr will spit out some embed code you can plug into your blog, Web site, or social networking profile. If you're interested in a simpler solution, they've also got a Facebook application that lets you add your SlideFlickr slide shows by copying and pasting over an eight-digit slide show identification code. It will then place the slide show on your profile for everyone to see.

SlideFlickr's slide shows mimic Flickr's, with simple back and forth buttons and an upcoming stream of photos on the bottom. I've embedded a small one with some iPod Nano photos below.

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