Flickr to get slicker in upcoming makeover

Larger photos, less white space, and a redesigned uploading interface are all features of the photo-sharing site's new look.

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With Instagram, Google+, Picasa, and Facebook breathing down its neck, Flickr has had to play catch-up to stay in the photo game lately.

Flickr's head of product, Markus Spiering, told tech news site BetaBeat today that the photo-sharing Web site is planning a major makeover to begin rolling out next week. Big changes include larger photos, less white space, and a more polished photo layout. There will also be a new drag-and-drop upload interface, according to BetaBeat.

These changes come on the heels of Flickr lowering the cost of its Flickr Pro premium service last month and Yahoo reportedly laying off 12 percent of Flickr's entire staff at the beginning of this month, according to Marketing Land.

Spiering told BetaBeat in the interview that he didn't want to say which photo-sharing sites are Flickr's fiercest competitors. "It's very hard to tell," he told BetaBeat. Spiering did mention though that more than 3.5 million photos are still uploaded to Flickr every day. And, according to BetaBeat, the Flickr API remains one of the most popular public APIs.

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