Flash video gets a cloud option through Amazon

Cloud-computing powerhouse Amazon Web Services now has a partnership with Adobe Systems for hosting its Flash Media Server 4 video-streaming software.


Adobe Systems' Flash Media Server software is now available as a pay-as-you-go option on the Amazon Web Services cloud-computing technology, the companies announced Wednesday.

Flash Media Server 4 lets customers send streaming video across the Net. By using it hosted on AWS' Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service, customers don't have to worry so much about installation and configuration details.

The service costs a flat rate of $5 to set up and $5 per month to use, with variable costs according to the video-streaming capacity needed and data transferred. For example, an extra-large server instance that can manage up to 1,000 Real-Time Media Flow Protocol video connections costs $1.30 per hour, along with 10 cents per gigabyte of data coming in from a device such as a user's Webcam and 15 cents per gigabyte of data being streamed outward.

Adobe shared full pricing details on its Web site.

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