Flammable 'Kindling' e-reader holds 900 bytes

Rob Cockerham designed this wooden reading device, which holds one page from "The Count of Monte Cristo" and has a "complete lack of functional buttons."

Amazon Kindling
Rob Cockerham

Talk about expensive firewood. Winning a whopping $103.50, a wireless (and featureless) pure wood Kindle recently sold to the highest of 19 bidders on eBay.

Sacramento, Calif.-based Rob Cockerham of Cockeyed.com designed this wooden reading device, which holds one page from "The Count of Monte Cristo." He advertised the Kindling as "thinner than most quesadillas," holding "900 bytes of information (about 120 words)," and having a "complete lack of functional buttons."

After tracing a photo of the Amazon Kindle using a graphics-editing program, Cockerham handed the project over to a friend who laser-cut a piece of wood to exactly resemble the Kindle.

One bidder worried that "reading the same page over and over again, I fear I might grow board." But Cockerham assuredly responded that he "nailed the look of the original Kindle with this beauty and I guarantee you will knot get tired of reading it."

Past spoof projects by Cockerham have included Devo hats, a Dwight Shrute Bobblehead doll, and a "HypnoDisk," a giant black and white swirling wheel used to distract opposing shooters at basketball games.

Amazon Kindling
Rob Cockerham

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