Fix information from Apple

Fix information from Apple

a. AppleVision fix A reader reports that Apple tech support told him that the Command-Option-A-V keyboard combination (mentioned previously) for AppleVision monitors was first implemented in AppleVision 1.5.x and (whatever else it may do) serves as a substitute for what the AppleVision Recovery Software disks do. I have not confirmed this.

b. Shut down freeze fix A source from Apple wrote me with information that suggests that at least some of the previously reported shut down freezes in Mac OS 7.6.1 may be reincarnation of the old Type 11 errors problem that was solved by installing the OpenTpt Modem and OpenTpt Remote Access files from the OT/PPP software (even if you don't use OT/PPP). For more details on this Open Transport bug and fix, click here. Apparently, in 7.6.1, instead of getting a Type 11 error, you now get this freeze.

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