Five video game trailers you should be watching

Our February picks for the five game trailers you should be watching this month.

Now that the beginning-of-the-year game drought has passed, it's time to start getting excited for releases coming in the near future. This month we got a taste of what the next "Dead Rising" game will look like, along with a closer peek at the graphic novel-inspired "Madworld" for the Nintendo Wii.

Make sure you catch a last glance of "Killzone 2" before its release this Friday. The PlayStation 3 exclusive looks to live up to the hype of the original trailer, which blew audiences away back at E3 2005.

Also check out how "Ghostbusters: The Video Game" is shaping up, with actual in-game footage featuring the voices of the original four cast members. Finally, we invite you to see the first game in the Tom Clancy franchise to tackle combat flight simulation in "Tom Clancy's HAWX."

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