Five great free apps for the iPhone and iPod touch

Apple's new App Store has loads of freebies. Here's a look at five you'll definitely want to check out.

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Over the weekend I updated my iPod touch to the 2.0 software, and I consider that $10 well-spent. Now I can access all the same great apps as iPhone 3G owners. Thankfully, many of them are free; I've rounded up five I really like. (Note that all links require iTunes.)

  • AOL Radio Stream radio from over 200 stations spanning 25 music genres. It can even round up local stations. Who needs an FM tuner now?
  • eReader As a longtime fan of reading e-books on my PDA, I'm overjoyed I can now do the same on my touch. This app lets you download books purchased at the eponymous site, and flip pages just by swiping your finger. Two public-domain books are included free so you can try it out.
  • NYTimes Read the latest news, business stories, editorials, and more. It's a little slow right now, probably due to huge amounts of traffic, but talk about an incredible app: the entire New York Times in the palm of your hand!
  • PhoneSaber Quite arguably the best use of the iPhone/touch tilt sensor ever, this clever bit of fluff is guaranteed to elicit a smile.
  • Tap Tap Revenge Think 'Guitar Hero' for iPhone. You can download new tracks (a few are included) and even play head-to-head in the ridiculously sweet two-player mode.
What fab freebies have you discovered in the new App Store? Hit the Comments and share!
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