Fit 'The Office' in your pocket

NBC will stream its prime time shows to your mobile phone, a first in the United States.

Dwight's dangerous, so keep an eye on him.

You can soon view Pam and Jim's "will they, won't they" dance on your cell phone as NBC announced Wednesday it will offer full-length mobile versions of its prime-time TV shows on demand. Shows like The Office and Heroes will be streamed to your phone by MobiTV. Prices start at $1.99 each for a 24-hour viewing period.

You won't be able to store the shows on your phone, which is disappointing. Even worse, it's unclear what types of phones can pause shows and resume watching later. I'm guessing you'll need a 3G phone to watch the shows, but that's not confirmed, and neither company has announced what carriers will distribute the shows. No official word on a start date, but the Associated Press has reported possible timing of this spring.

NBC is the first U.S. television studio to offer this kind of service, but I'm sure it won't be the last. Video on mobile phones hasn't exactly set the world on fire, but carriers and studios are always looking for more revenue. Verizon Wireless recently turned on its V Cast Mobile TV network , and it even lets you control your TiVo from your mobile phone. But some think convergence devices aren't up to snuff yet.

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