First 'Rock Band'-related eviction threat issued

Two tenants of an Oregon apartment have been issued an eviction threat for playing 'Rock Band' too loudly.

If you're going to have an all-night Rock Band session, make sure to invite your neighbors over for some of the fun. Or at least warn them before cranking it up.

According to the Rock Band message boards, two tenants of an apartment complex in Oregon were issued a 10-day notice to stop rocking so hard or move out.

Causational hypotheses on the message boards range from lame non-metal-loving neighbors, poor soundproofing in the ceiling, and good old-fashioned inconsideration.

The image of the notice that appears on the message boards is very blurry, perhaps due to the amount of rock being pumped out of the photographer's speakers as the photo was taken.

One loophole the tenants may want to exploit: it looks like the notice says their lease runs from Sept. 1, 2007 until August 31, 2007. Unless they own a time machine, these contract terms are unrealistic to say the least.

[Via Chip Chick.]

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